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Lifelong learning

I had an epiphany today when I was out walking. I love that I get them. They're part of my lifelong learning that I think is important, my focused sense of discovery and wonder, that I practice to keep, often easier when I'm out in nature. So, as always, I have to walk a bit carefully at certain places where there are little hills that are covered by wet leaves, or snow and ice, to not slip and fall. Often time, I feel the need to run, especially downwards, when it gets steep. I believe most of us humans do. But, what I haven't understood, or even pondered about before, is, that it's probably true for horses too.

We have gone climbing now and then with our horses in the local riding club, where I grew up in the south of Sweden. I always enjoyed taking a tour in the forest, or at the edge of the fields. Depending on which horse you sat on, there was times when they simply rushed down, or even galloped up the hill, regardless of what you tried to have them do, such as walk sensibly and cautiously, becoming a lesson of balance instead. But today, it occurred to me, that most likely, the horses, or at least the one I rode most of the time, must have felt the same inkling as I do, when I'm out walking.

Picture of a horse-shoe from Amazon here.

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