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Little signs

Updated: May 10, 2022

During my more recent journey to heal my inner child, I have been given little gifts on my path. In Münich, Germany 2018, when I went to an office for new immigrants, a pile of new children's' books laid on a table. This reminded me of how I learned to speak German while we were living in Heidelberg 1974 and I went to Kindergarten. This book is about a chicken growing up to become a rooster in search of the sun. Luckily, after a long hazardous voyage, the little rooster finds both the sun and love, all celebrated with Hawaiian garlands....

And while I lived in Portugal 2019-20, I first encountered the tale of the rooster as a lucky sign for justice. They also use one as a symbol of Portugal. This book laid in a pile of give-aways by a recycling center in Belem. Even not knowing Portuguese, it felt special with lots of pretty pictures of girls dancing. Something I did too during the summer, by Zoom classes.

Were these books put here all through happenstance, or was it the law of attraction? Or from my ancestors in heaven cheering me on? I believe so. Little mirrors. Leading me forward.

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