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Little treasures

Today, I was given a happy memory from my childhood. It's hopefully working with my inner child exercises! I am journaling every day, not about my memories at all, but to give voice to both my inner child and my parental self, to heal. It's wonderful!

Anyway, today when I was out walking, I suddenly remembered how we used to play at recess in middle school, with a long rubber band, that two people stood and held by their feet and the rest of us jumped over in various formations, steps, and choreographies. It was even a little status to own one. It made me think of my two special girlfriends, who were besties but let me be part of their play.

I believe memories can be seen as little treasures, that can make us feel rich. First and foremost our happy ones of course, but even bad memories can still be a source of experience, we can use to better understand and help others with. What do you remember from your childhood? Or even two decades ago?

Find your playfulness!

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