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Updated: Feb 15

In Sweden, we call St Valentine's Day for All Hearts' Day. It's a name I like. While celebrating a Saint is one thing, celebrating love in general, is far more important. So, what better day than today, to remind ourselves of the many kinds of love we have:

Romantic love (for sensual partnership)

Friendship love (for fun, for trust and for support)

Family love (to be fully known)

Classmates love (for growing together in knowledge)

Co-workers love (for respect, accomplishments and mentoring)

Pet love (for unconditional attention and touch)

Nature love (for beauty, oneness and belonging)

Human to human love (for compassion and empathy)

Divine love (for Agape and beling loved by God)

Self-love (for protecting ourselves and have good health)

The most crucial thing that I live by, is focusing rather on being loving, ie to love, rather than worrying about who I'm loved by. I also try to remember that we can't receive all types of validation from the same person. Therefore, it's more important, how many I can love.

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