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Made up

I have always been a slow tanner, ie it takes several weeks of regular sunbathing for me to grow a nice skin-tone. On the other hand, I don't need sunscreen. This is also why I prefer to have a bare face, so I can let sun kiss me! It seems to be more trendy than ever, however, to wear lots of make-up. It must be because of Instagram, I take, where so many take selfies to aspire to become models, or "influencers". I might use more light as a filter, but often none. It's strange how young women cover up more, than we, who have come of age and might need to conceal more. To me, I want my make-up to preferably not show, but just to enhance my features.

And just like my other skin and haircare products, I choose brands that use only biological content, ie no chemicals, that aren't harmful neither towards us, nor the environment. For foundation and lipgloss, I use Maria Åkerberg and Burt's Bees, and for powder, the mineral kind by Jane Iredale. Furthermore, I use Santé lengthening mascara, and some eyeshadow and a brown pen on occasion.

How do you do?

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