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Morphing with my inner child

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

One of the things I've been told by shamans, is that when we've done a soul-retrieval, that piece of the soul must become integrated in our body again, to become more whole. What does this mean?

To me, it's been a journey to relive some of my past, with the exact same emotions I then had, once more. This was particularly prevalent when I lived in Portugal 2019-20 and really felt my inner child awakened again, and overall felt that I had so much better health physically. If you know me well, you can even see it in my eyes in most of my photos then. My soul piece, returned. And, on several occasions, I recognized a fleeting emotion to be exactly what I felt at another time and place earlier in my life, such as in my 20's for example. Maybe it was the dancing, maybe it was the climate, or maybe my opponents finally became hindered from harming me for a while...

Since last November, however, I've felt a weird pain in my body, especially on the outside top of my shoulders, in my seat and sometimes when I walk. This can be due to having gained weight, but that can in my case also be somewhat healthy, given I've always been so skinny. (I'm trying to find middle ground, to become a size Medium instead of a Small, but not Large). And then it dawned upon me - it feels a little like when I used to horseback ride and got sore afterwards. It's just that I haven't for many, many years. But yes, I've fallen off quite a few times, including hurting myself and becoming scared - once I got stuck in the stirrup and was dragged after for some yards, once my helmet cracked, and once I hurt my back after landing badly after a jump. What if, this pain I now am feeling, is part of the integration process? I do physiotherapeutic exercises, and hope so. It does feel better now.

Life is a mystery...

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