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My personal growth theme for 2022

Every year, I like to let go of the past by going through what has happened and what I've learned from it. Since almost two decades when I started writing newsletters and work as a Lifecoach, I like to also create New Year's resolutions in the form of a personal theme. I choose a specific word, like "Integrity", and let that be my guiding light during the year, when it comes to all my relating.

This past year, 2021, I've had "Softening". I've primarily focused on this when I walk; to make my walk more slow and softer. This has to do both with my approach, as well as showing my respect for God; my walk of life.

Next year, 2022, I've decided to make "Posture" my personal theme: How I sit, stand and talk, to make sure that my communication becomes as powerful as possible, in an authentic way. I've learned this both from practising dancing and from a class in Presentation technique that I took when I studied Project Management.

What is your focus for next year? You can read more here on how to set a New Year's resolution that works.

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