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My secret diet...

Many are those women that I have either gone to school with, or worked with, who have expressed envy over my figure. I was born skinny and I have never dieted to become skinny, I can therefore not give any specific tips about loosing weight - I don't need to! I do need to get into a good shape of course, as well as feel well. The latter means absolutely everything to me, since I have had to deal with a sensitive stomach for the majority of my life.

But, I can share a little. I try to eat regularly, at the same time of day and always gluten and lactose free. I prefer what is naturally so, before products especially made for the cause. In the morning, I have glutenfree cereal and drink my herbal tea with honey. I eat egg, chicken and fish (preferably smoked mackerel, raw tuna or salmon) or preferably tofu as my source of protein. To this, I add basmati rice, potatoes or glutenfree pasta, and some easy to digest vegetables such as fresh, organic tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, eggplants, avocadoes, chanterelle, fruits, berries and seeds. And lots of good chocolate and cookies! To this, preferably spring water.

What I have come to learn first hand however, is also how I eat. Without stress and in harmony is important to me, since emotional energies can spill into our food and charge it accordingly. And with gratitude.

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