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My view on politics

I think politics is a little like necessary evil. My impression is that it's by far the most ego-centric profession in society, where the goal is to serve many, but somehow it all becomes about who is saying what. Or it becomes endless discussions about how to discuss, with an imposed sense of academia not necessary this way.

My political stance is with the Green environmental party when I've voted the last decade in Sweden. I became a member in 2008, thinking that I could give it a try and really work for improving society with both my education and my life-experience. Although, it did become big enough to enter our House of representatives then, it was too much focus on how it normally goes to get a political career, such as first being a member a certain number of years, been active in the youth organization first and not to mention, it seemed one should even have dated someone in the same party to be heard! So, my actual engagement with the Swedish Green Environmentalist party became short.

What is politics about? To me, it's a matter of moral and methods. Not only to find consensus in agreeing on our stance on certain issues - if we're pro or con something - but also a nit gritting tumble over the methods. They seem far from reality or even worse, the reality is that the governmental workers, who are hired based on their skills and not by political vote, often refuse to change and implement any new doctrines. And then all has to be tried in the courts to finalise its effect, which in turn is the biggest caveat in the Swedish society for me. We have three types of courts: the criminal court, the civil court and the administrative. And only 1% of the cases becomes tried in the Highest Supreme court - how can we then ever make any necessary changes, whether to confirm or reject any politically based decisions on rules and practices? In Sweden, one must first apply for a permission to try a case, which simply sounds good and just, yet is completely overrun by the courts' total unwillingness to let a real dialogue take place. Therefore, given I also have some experience with US courts, I am totally in favor of the American system.

While it's easy to find discrepancies to discuss, to find what unites us is more important and to me, that is always tending to our source, our planet and its environment.

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