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Updated: Dec 28, 2021

I'm sitting here thinking about my year in Portugal. I lived there from 2019-2020, until I was forced to return to Sweden to attend a trial, and thus got to experience all seasons. It was important to me, to see if this environment would be better for my health, or simply warm enough in comparison to Hawaii and the latitude of San Francisco. The most important thing is, I wasn't ill even once until I had to leave. I had a scare one evening, but that was it. (In comparison, I feel physically ill in Sweden several times per week, and was a couple of times in Hawaii.) What was then different besides the ocean and the daylight? Or does that play such a great part to my health?

I felt a much greater space to maneuverer, emotionally and spiritually. And physically! And this in a country where I don't even know the language! (I managed to learn some 50 words perhaps, but didn't really try to, since my goal was purely to be in tune with Mother Earth and dance by the ocean like Isadora Duncan.) I felt that I didn't have to react, but could respond. And I felt like I was 20 again.

At first I set out to go to the Azores islands, which then would compare to Hawaii but within EU, but settled with the mainland, thinking of San Francisco and having enough access to gluten free food. I chose Portugal also, because I have been here on a joyous vacation as a toddler before getting PTSD, thus a place to truly recalibrate from. I think I set the intention to heal in Hawaii, but the process eventually took me to Portugal. Now the question arises, where can I live to thrive both within the society, and by the environment?

Photos taken in Sao Pedro, along the coastline of Lisbon.

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