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Processing communication

One of the hardest things to deal with, when it comes to our increased online communication, is the gap between what we receive and how that makes us feel, that we seldom can show in real time. Likewise, how another person will perceive our posts, or messages, are hard to tell too, since we don't know what that person is feeling or doing, when he or she receives it. How do we then best process our communication?

I don't like having things waiting to be answered. I like to have a desk free of clutter, e-mail accounts with organized folders and none un-read. By having a free desk, I have a free mind. Free space to create, work and relax. Thus by responding, especially to Swedish authorities handling of my life - yes, decisions that directly impact my life: My health and wellbeing, my living and my safety - I can empty it both off my chest and my space. But for them, it's just another piece of paper that they can file in an archive and do nothing about? I have to deal with what they send to me, that most often it seems, are things that they refuse to solve, whether applications or police reports, in Swedish. Interestingly enough, I do however receive answers when I contact people in other countries in English. Why is that? Is it a cultural thing or am I communicating differently in Swedish?

Back to the processing. I've come to the conclusion, that only keeping things on the screen, leaves me with unprocessed emotions. Therefore, I think it's important to also discuss with someone, or at least in my journal, how any particular message or decision made me feel. It's not just what it says; the decision, or refusal, per say, but also the consequences it creates and how it makes me feel.

In Hawaii, there is a metaphor with a bowl of light. We carry a bowl of light within, which we can radiate and spread when the bowl is emptied from rocks, that either we have left there ourselves or that others have thrown into it. This is what I mean by processing my emotions and impressions, as shared in my book The Call for Divine Mothering. What is my reaction, and what are others' reactions, projected, or transferred, onto me? These needs to be taken out, looked at and removed. Is this emotion that I might be feeling stemming from my own thoughts, ideas and mood-state? Or has it emerged as a reaction to someone else? I believe our natural state of being, is feeling peace.

How do you feel when you read, listen to, or watch what you see online, especially when it's addressed to you?

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