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Questioning others

Fed up with what you hear and read? A healthy society based on democracy, includes having discussions and debates about how to reach consensus about the rules we live under together. But many seem to make the number one mistake - they conclude what others mean by their own interpretation or attack the one saying something with an accusation of what was said and how. This will in the majority of all cases, create resistance and more conflict. is that what you're after? To win or to solve a problem? How do we then overcome this?

Always ask if the other would be willing to receive some feedback and answer some questions. Questioning others are a healthy check of their actions and the impact these decisions and actions can have on others, but as the word suggests - it's about posing questions. Here are a couple standard ones that you can use:

What do you mean by saying .... ?

How does this make you feel?

What would you like to accomplish?

What is your purpose?

In what way is the other person wrong?

Was there anything that you could relate to and how?

Do you have any facts or more examples to back up your stance and claim?

Is this your own personal opinion or a communication of an organization's policy?

What needs to be changed?

What have you learned, from who, where and how?

The intention and the outcome of our actions must be aligned with our values to have credibility. To assess your own stance and goal with your communication, don't hesitate to call me for a coaching for copywriting meeting, at +46 700784754, or send me a message. I can also let your practice being interviewed by me.

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