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Sharing our stops on the way

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Since I shared here, here, and here, that I used to have a fear of putting my head under water, I have been thinking that I should show you a video of me in the ocean too, here in Portugal:

I had to redo it a couple of times, since the woman holding my phone didn't understand that I just wanted her to stand still, and just let it record. But the good thing about that, was that I had to go in and out of making a video, and dipping myself, creating more presence and focus.

To me, this healing gives me a gift of my own, for just me.

I did put my head fully under first, even if it isn't showing. It's often like that, our best performances aren't necessarily neither recorded, nor applauded, or even seen. But it can still be something good for ourselves to remember. I did it!

What are you proud of doing that you were afraid of before?

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