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Sourcing the word

Have you ever sat in a circle and done a game of whispering a word and then let the other person continue whispering this word to the next, going full circle? The majority of the times, a different word is understood than what the real was. By this exercise, we learn how easy it is to loose both the message and the interpretation.

Think of all the "wisdom" you spread online through liking and sharing. Are you sure you understand what the original purpose and meaning was, by whom, in what situation and relationship? Yet, you claim to be able to teach it without neither knowing, nor having had that experience? This is why I am so opposed the "healing retreats" where a self-proclaimed "guru" aims to lead seekers with their teachings. You can only teach what you know for sure and when you do know, it's both easy and more safe to lean on the teachers before you. Your actual teachers, that you have had personal contact with.

So, before you just follow and like with applause what everybody else are: What was said? Where? Why? To whom? How does this compare with you and your own situation?

I'm so tired of having most of my work distorted, instead of letting me be your coach and author. Let me lead you through your inner work instead, but then of course, you would have to "work" and not just sing songs, and drink cocoa that others pay you for. And then you wonder why you feel anxious or like a fraud? You are.

Talk about yourself instead. What you feel, what you wish, what you have been through, what you want and wonder about. As a professional coach, I don't give you the answers and a recipe that you follow at first and then loose heart over, prompting you to seek another. With me, you make your own recipe, and find your own best answers, that you're going to feel really motivates you, and keeping you. Just try!

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