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Speaking with clarity

After not having been able to speak properly for years, due to getting dental implants first, it's like a new practice for me. But not only that, I also feel that when I listen and look at Americans talk, you have a grounded flow with another type of relaxed confidence, that I haven't encountered elsewhere. Germans have a little of that, but that's harder for me to understand. What I'm trying to grasp, ism where do I find this within me? How can I bring it forward? I reclaim it a little bit and then it's like I'm being abused through spirit, or cursed at, or made phsycially ill, and it disappears through my solar plexus shrinking.

I love holding speeches! I have on friends' weddings and at my mother's second. I have also led little workshops and held lectures, two decades ago. I think much of it disappeared, when I stopped taking dance classes in the mid 90's (Why did I do that!), until resuming it in 2004. I've always said I'll do anything on the dancefloor, or on stage, because that's where my arena is, to be completely free in my expression, since it is art. But, I want to be able to not play a role in a character (unless for acting of course), but be able to stand grounded, tall, and express my true voice as myself. This, is what I'm practising.

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