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Tending to my inner child

Today, I've petted bunnies and brushed a horse. The other day, I saw cute snails on my path walking, and last week I practiced dancing. Doing little things like this, is to tend to our inner child. But how is it to really connect with her (or him)?

To me, it's a subtle feeling inside, a tugging at me as if she displayed invisible emotions of disappointment. It's like being a child again, but inside, in silence. There are no voices or images. There is a sensation though. Of not wanting something, or a jumping with enthusiasm. Yet, it's different from feeling my intuition.

The interesting thing to learn, is whether or not, or how much, we should let these sensations steer our behavior. If your inner child doesn't want to eat a certain food, or not too much, or not do a specific thing, should we then obey her (him), or should we teach ourselves to? I think that an inner compromise, together with self-compassion, should do the trick.

My experience is, that we shouldn't feel this presence, but live it integrated, which in itself also is another sensation. It's when we sense our inner child, we must change something, whether it's to tend to a need or do something different. To be whole, is to live in flow, with all our aspects seamlessly working. I started to feel my inner girl the first time in 2004, but it wasn't until 2019, that I could discern her and find real joy. How I healed my inner child, will be revealed in my next book!

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