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Updated: May 4, 2022

It struck me today that trees have been markings for territories, throughout our entire evolution. Dogs pee on trees, while bunnies rub their chin to give off their signature scent. Elephants use trees to rub an itchy spot, while bears climb them. And birds live in trees, proclaiming their homes with song.

Who gets to decide whose territory it is and with which borders? How can any country justify ownership of land, besides a common notion that is agreed upon by many, or worse, by those with large mouths and wallets? YTou choose a spot and guard that, while you respect others. We can only come to a foundation of peace, by a majority decision that is respected by the minority. And how we do this, is the real question. In our market place, each business with a well thought out strategy, creates a positioning that will enable both good sales and the satisfaction by its customers, without destroying it for its competitors.

Where and how do you mark your own territory? Where do you share it with others, and can you translate this to other areas of your life, such as online and on the job?

In this era of oneness, we still need to enforce what is mine and what is yours.

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