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The black and white challenge

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

How do we curb racism? An important measure is to scrutinize our stereotypes, often kept through the movies we see. When I watched “Bad boys X-men 3”, it reminded me of both the storming of Capitol Hill by groups looking similar to Ku Klux Klan, and thr current trial of police brutality against George Floyd. Finally, in this movie, the two main characters and heroes are black, while most villains are regular white men. Is this not appalling to white suprematists? And even more so when their “spokesperson” former President Trump had to leave office with a mob screaming after him? It must be so. This may or may not make Donald Trump into one. Why do white men feel threatened by black? Their size or simply the many “extra” opportuinities they receive to equal the quota? Is it fair to white kids who won’t receive scholarships? Are all white men rich?

It’s all in the assumptions we make, so next time, why don’t you scrutinize your own? Catch yourself when you see a black guy but thought the name meant a white. Or why not assume the man in the office to be the nurse and the woman to be the physician? Which stereotypes do you see?

Treat each person according to their treatment of you. Or better.

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