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The false Oneness

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

To feel one with nature is such an awesome feeling, I hope that everybody gets to experience it. I have felt one with the waves and the wind. I have felt one with a horse. And in close companionship with trees and flowers, that are carrying their own lifegiving spirit, that I can perceive. But, what about people? Are we one?

Good sex can perhaps be a moment of sharing oneness in ecstasy, but for the most part, except for rare fleeting moments, I feel separate from others and want rather this to grow, than not. So many, so called spiritual leaders/authors (like Teal Swan and Rachel Bråthén), teach the concept of Oneness as a goal, or as something we should all be feeling. Yeah, at the expense of my wallet, right? Who are you to make money on any of my statements; a described, personal experience and insight, that I have had, in your teachings without me?

No. We are separate entities through our bodies. While we share certain physical and biological resemblances, we still live in separation with separate, individual, needs at different levels and time. What I need right now, might not at all be what is good for you. It's also said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Are you not ready for me yet?

And this is why I fall back comfortably and secure with my Lifecoaching practice, that is all about letting the client lead his/her own pursuit of happiness, best equipped and best delivered by his/her own preferences, that I get to be lucky enough to pull out. No prophecy. Would you like to try? Contact me for a first free coaching session!

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