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The gift of peace

Have you ever been the target of someone's frustration and anger, without knowing why? Have someone even escalated their communication with you, into something that feels awful or even threatening? Rather than ignoring and trying to put the lid on, which will just lead to the water boiling over, learn how to draw it down to simmer.

We live in an interdependent world, where each of our actions, as well as interactions, holds the possibility to create conditions for growth, harmony and peace, for not only ourselves but others. To seek separation is rather evil and cruel. Not only do you miss out on what someone else might give you, the world also misses out on your contribution.

To ignore someone is the foundation of creating exhaustion and burn out syndrome within someone else. Thus, if you don't want to be guilty of that, and for you to stop being a target for someone else's feelings, see how you might have provoked them. What can you do different? What have you communicated?

Nothing in this world, will ever become solved without a dialogue. A dialogue is a conversation in real time (or at least questions and answers by email). It is the tool for fairness, respect and justice. A way to uphold both parties with dignity, and recognising each person's needs. Ignoring the problem, will just make it grow.

So, who have you not seen or listened to? Try to.

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