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The good luck within the bad

I have a very specific taste. This has to do with my health, foremost, but also my taste in general, to find things that fulfil my need of beauty, and simplicity. I was therefore really grateful and happy to be on the receiving end of these particular gluten-free crackers this past Christmas, which is made by the best brand, and that I always bought when I lived in Germany and in Portugal. And since Christmas, I have been looking around in Stockholm, Sweden, to find them myself, to be able to buy more. But most stores don't carry this type. But, I received a tip, and planned on going to the particular big supermarket in the close by suburb Häggvik today. However, I had to pick up a couple of ordered items first elsewhere, where I've never been, since I unfortunately wasn't reached yesterday to receive them, where I live...

After grabbing a cab to the outskirts, I realized that I was more than half an hour early, before the little store opens, where my parcel was. At the same time, I was therefore probably going to run late to my next stop as planned, and was a little upset with myself, having taken a cab that is more expensive than the bus fare. However, I didn't know which one would go and when, so then I often take the cab to a place first, and the bus back. I walked around a little, and then I saw the same supermarket ICA here too, and thought I might as well go in and check. And voilà! They had this particular kind! Thus, I didn't have to go elsewhere, and just take the bus back, and instead I also saved two hours. God provides!

In Sweden, we have a saying that goes "good luck within the bad", which is like saying "a blessing in disguise". Certainly fitting today. Crunch, crunch!

And as a nice bonus, this has become my favorite treat.

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