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The little word no

A week ago, I had an experience I can't explain. I had been asked to submit a proposal for a job as a copywriter doing book blurbs for a publisher. I felt flattered and understood the urgency to answer.

Yet, as soon as I started to look into their brief with information for the assignment, I instantly felt an almost body ache with a no. So, I questioned some of it and didn't get it, but happy to remain with the translation assignment I'm currently working on, where in fact I learn how a type of copywriting is developed in English.

But what's the reason? Too tiring? I have no idea, more than being asked is something I have a problem with. I rather take the initiative myself. It's the leader in me. I also learned some about book descriptions which I've applied to my own. Maybe to not help competitors? All I know my inner child didn't want to.

So, heading the no!

What do you want to say no to?

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