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When wrong becomes right

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Are you all into Law of Attraction too? What is it really? Here is a recent example of mine:

I have used John Masters Organics Antioxidant daycream off and on for years and like it. However, in the wintertime in Sweden, my skin tends to become more dry thanks to all the heaters inside. Nonetheless, I ordered a new bottle, when mine was almost empty. Or so I thought...

But only to find that this one was richer and much more satisfying! When I looked closer, I realised that I had ordered a different kind and better!

Now, is this God? Angels? Universe? Magic? Or our subconscious choosing based on actual needs? I like to think that it's a little help from above. It's simply nice to believe in, for a positive emotion about life. Life can be good!

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