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Whose responsibility is it?

One of the major differences between the United States and Sweden, is the view on the state's vs the individual's responsibilities. In the United States from my own experience, and by talking to people, it's always a fear of "feds" and most people seem to not want anything to do with state benefits either. It's rather to have a good insurance and use that when needed. And if this fails, it's the community and friends that rally together to help the individual.

In Sweden however, most people look to the authorities, that they claim should take the responsibility for helping the individual with things like sick-leave or social security. It's said "it's where our tax money goes" but what happens when the system fails us? Nothing. Churches might be able to help a little, but other than that, most blame are put on the individual, who then are assumed to be either mentally ill or an addict, and assumed to not follow the rules of the authorities. I, feel that the authorities are the ones not following the rules and the law.

Everything we do in society is a constant exchange with others, whether for buying and selling goods and services, or to help and be helped. It's also through these exchanges, we become seen, and can build fellowship and form a safe neighbourhood. The power is with the group. It should be a group of people to demand transparency and results. Why is this not done in Sweden? We have no "ACLU". We have something called "Civil Rights Defenders" who mostly just help refugees, and try to reach out to other countries, totally refusing to acknowledge the decision making processes and treatments of cases and individuals inside Sweden, and demand oversight and correction. But perhaps, the more intellectual people become, the less compassion they show. In the United States, there simply is a broader spectrum.

Think with your heart.

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