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Why I've been unemployed in Sweden

I've come to the conclusion that there are three reasons for why I'm unemployed in Sweden, where I'm from, and currently live in.

My physical health - having to wait for years to get my teeth done, together with sudden stomach upsets, has prevented me from being up to par with my actual competence. Since my stomach was never upset at all, when I lived in Portugal 2019-20, although with lots of financial stress and still being stalked, including losing my upper dental bridge, it must be related to either the physical environment, or the culture and people. In comparison, when I lived in Honolulu, HI, I was also a lot lesser sick, and also at other hours of the day.

My womanhood - since I'm unmarried, I gather I'm looked upon as a sexual temptation by most men in the workplace, since this also is my experience. Sometimes, this goes both ways of course. It's human to want to create loving relationships with the opposite sex. However, I've also been harassed in three places.

My intelligence and creativity - I'm all about efficiency, taking initiative, and can work independently, as well as in groups. But, here is often a hierarchical mindset, where I'm simply not allowed, or become dismissed, whenever I suggest an improvement, try a new method, or simply would like to share an idea. In my last full-time employment, I was told to wait some six months before I would present anything. And that was in advertising - one of the most creative fields of business there is. When I was working as an extra in a store over summer, the manager became angry and frustrated when I wanted to pack up goods differently than she did (faster, checking the items off at the same time). Then add, all the humdrum with authorities, I've had to deal with, to for example get unemployment and was on sick-leave in 2006, where I was told that since I'm so intelligent, I must be cheating, since one than apparently can't fall ill? When I wanted to add on career coaching to the career center at Malmö University with a plan for me and perhaps a couple of my classmates, the manager of the advisors, decided to exclude me from my own plan and let his existing employees receive becoming coaches as their promotion.

All in all, I feel I've been hindered from working and doing my best, being of service to others, with my passion and my competence, in Sweden.

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