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Worry vs fear

I'm a lucky person since I very rarely worry about what others think of me or what could happen that I don't know anything about. So, I thought it would be good to point out the difference between worries and fears and how this affect us. A worry is a thought about how something will turn out badly. That you will loose the lyrics while singing or that people will laugh at you or that you simply will trip walking. These are all most likely just things that you believe can happen, but usually don't.

A fear, however, is based on an actual physical threat, either pending and present, or (such as often in my case), based on a previous experience of something bad that has happened before. Then I can become afraid that it will happen again.

Worry turns us inward, focusing on our thoughts, while fear makes us more present and ready to fight, flee or freeze. How do you deal with yours?

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