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Feeling beautiful

Have you ever received a compliment from someone, but then looked in the mirror and not at all felt beautiful? Or wondered why you feel it some days and not others? Did you show your real self?

During my education at Malmö University, I learned about the term asocial responsivity as defined by sociologist Johan Asplund, who came to the conclusion that it's the lack of validation from others that can make us feel burned out. I've understood it as that we might be in roles, especially professionally, and be giving and giving but not receiving the kind of feedback we need, which in fact is crucial to our health. I started taking notice of this myself, and compared how I felt about myself, whenever I was alone, and when I was with others, and in different groups of people. I realised that my sense of looks often correlated with feeling validated in my truest sense of self, whenever I have shared my authentic vulnerability and felt really seen and heard. This was especially prevalent, when I went to sessions at church. Having real dialogues without judging, enable us to find our inner essence and display this correctly - the essence which is our inner light.

So, do you want to feel more beautiful? Then, look less in the mirror, and more in the mirror that others provide for you, with people you choose carefully to be around, that respect and cherish you. Stop, see and listen to others, and dare to show your truest self back. In these meetings, there are beauty through the connections of heart, and thus we feel beautiful.

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