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Take it to the stage!

What has been the one thing binding my life together, that has enabled me not only to feel happy and accomplished, but also enabled me a certain type of freedom, a sense of being able to claim my space, is to stand on stage. To perform.

To dance of course. But mostly when I can stand as myself holding a presentation, or a speech, is when I almost feel like I am given an extra layer to my voice, as if certain things become spoken on their own even if it is a bit weird to hear oneself through a microphone.

Here are some of my pointers on how to do a good speech:

* Be prepared. Whether you use powerpoints or not, have it all written down is a must. I use mindmaps.

* Have an attention getter. It can be a piece of music or a special example, or story, you start with.

* Ground yourself first with a couple of deep breaths. Look at a couple of people in the audience.

* Speak like you would in a professional conversation after you introduced yourself and your topic.

* Summarize at the end, and open for questions and discussion.

And remember Socrates: "I can't teach you anything. I can only make you think."

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