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How do I use social media and what for?

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

In the best of worlds, Internet could be an open arena for dialogues across the globe in direct respectful live (or delayed) chats and meetings to enable long distance relations to flourish but this can only happen when questions and comments are answered.  

As someone who started working in advertising before Internet had its break-through, it has fascinated me to see how it is used and developed differently according to generations and culture. In Sweden it is very common to be personal in our blogs, whereas in the US it is almost seen as a little like prostitution because it is too private to share our life with constant selfies, unless it is for stage. 

My blogging is on one hand my share of dealing with impressions and on the other hand my try to share something that I hope can be of benefit to others. I used to be of service much more beginning with coaching newsletters in 2002-05, blogging in 2006 on Myspace and then fully as of 2007-09 on various portals in Swedish and then in English 2010-, only to see that nobody wanted to pay for it and instead I feel robbed, misinterpreted with assumptions and stalked, so therefor I changed my language and tone.

The other day I saw a tweet from a gentleman a decade older than me who shared in his presentation that his tweets were solemnly treats to his followers. I thought to myself, what are the purpose of my tweets? Again, this might be according to generations,  my Twitter-pages has three different purposes:

* To share bonus material and follow-ups

* To sell and offer products and services

* To share an opinion and rally support

Has Facebook become a place to feel reconnected with friends we already know elsewhere or is it to have instead of in real life? To me, it is the first. My Facebook-accounts include to have a personal (private) profile only with approved friends that I know in real life. A page for my book about immigration detention and removal, initially to provide a space for discussion and some extra nuggets for my readers. Another professional page of my own brand, mostly to share my insights and create inspiration for coaching and dancing. And a page for my business venture to be launched, I hope soon... All of these is for marketing purposes.

Twitter is my playground to make fun puns and stretch myself into being on top of the game as a copywriter to ensure I can say something interesting (I hope!) with a limited set of characters, also to share my opinion and my revelations in personal growth as well as drawing audience to my other pages. is a personal presentation of myself, my products and services as a platform for seeking customers.

Vimeo is for presenting my Hula videos. is a platform to present and gather people to work with me in presenting and  offering a real house to develop dance, healing and meditation practices and coaching sessions for personal growth and creativity for green health.

YouTube and Instagram is to present my Isadora Duncan videos.

YouPic is just my own little collection of pretty images with chosen copy to keep me inspired and appreciative of mostly nature.

And LinkedIn is my resume mostly with real-life professional connections and references I have either worked with or aim to, as well as a couple of former classmates.

My e-mails (and comments) are part of a conversation that most people don't dare to partake in, while famous people refuse to follow and answer others to ensure they come off as "better" or "higher" than, when in fact it is the other way around. What is it that most famous people need but validation and support? 

Why do we follow someone? Is it to look popular and be part of the group where likers can feel like they have a famous friend? I rather do it to be fed with inspiration and knowledge and share fruitful opinions as well as customers and prospective co-working in some form.

Start by sharing your truth, not to sound good, but to open up for learning! Find me here.

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