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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

During 2010 and 2011 I received lots of compliments for my style and my clogs in particular, when I lived in Honolulu. Naturally, I shared the name and webpage to the cute little local store where I had bought mine and after a while I decided to help others order a couple. I soon started looking into opening a store of my own together with the Swedish company called Toffelmakaren in Malmö, who I contacted. I also met Kerstin Adolfsson, designer in Stockholm, in her store later in 2014. This is also why I aspired to do an intern the last semester or so, of my Master's degree in Organizational Change and Development, with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco in 2011.

I visualized a concept in 2011 and did a budget in 2012, like I always do, working with goal setting since 1995, making a mental image in front of me how I would like it to look. Whether in Honolulu and San Francisco or both, I planned on offering the classic design with wooden sole in a variety of colors mostly in leather, in sizes for both kids, women and men. I also thought of making the sole out of bamboo since that would be lighter to walk in (and I did see some really cute pairs if Japanese cherrytree with open toe.). And... the other day I came up with the exact style and design I'd like to make!

In its own stores (besides at Telluselle Living Center with membership discount) the special TGIF sale is for you to show a minute of dancing on the small round floor where you can try them on, disco light and all, to this song ! Want some? Naturally this would also be the name of the store!

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