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In search for Aloha in Sweden

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

In my series of sharing "magic" meetings, I'd thought I'd tell you about meeting three people from Hawaii in Stockholm the last couple of years! Who would have thought that?

In 2014 when I was done with both my books, I shared a prayer and wish to get "an ipu with my ipo", which is Hawaiian for getting a Hula-drum together with your beloved/boyfriend. 

In 2015, I was approached by a British woman called Michelle, who was starting up a new church in Stockholm, together with two people among others, Ashley and Martynas, who both used to live in Honolulu. Meeting both was fun, but not so much Aloha. It felt like I was the one bringing it with me to them. Perhaps, simply through Hula or because Christianity can take precedence over the Aloha-spirit would you want to and if you're not living closely in relation to the land. Were they even sent here on purpose as part of someone's political agenda? To see how it works to move here and get married, which three of them did, two coming originally from other countries. It made me feel suspicious, wondering about a possible set up.

So then, what is the difference between Christianity and Aloha? I set out to find out and where is my Aloha-friend? And who?

In 2016, I stepped into Urban Deli, a new grocery store built together with a restaurant and hotel, in Stockholm, where I was met at the register by an American-speaking guy. For some reason, he sounded familiar and so I had to ask where in the States he was from, while sharing that I lived in Honolulu for a while. It soon turned out that his mother is Swedish, living in Kailua and even someone I might have met briefly at a SWEA-meeting there in 2010-11. Mason, on the other hand, has also lived there, tried Hula and in NYC and simply had an air about him, totally Aloha. We chatted now and then, as I passed by to and from the job-agency and soon found a mutual liking as friends, saying hello to his girlfriend and for me to get a break away from all the oppression. In comparison to others, it soon became clear that he possessed similar qualities like those of Bance and Jesse, as previously shared in my books. I couldn't believe it! A red-haired "Birk"-kind of guy to "Ronia-the robber's daughter" to meet and play with. Was there a lesson in this? Well, the Swedish state and others have made lots of efforts of stopping us from talking to each other, anything from withholding my money, to someone stalking me around the neighborhood placing objects and on facebook (I rented an apartment on two occasions a couple of blocks away from someone working in Portugal parts of the year), which he too has seen. Yes, there is a personal lesson in it too for me, but because of the obstruction and pending cases, I'll share that later... 

We ask, and we receive. Mahalo!

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