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Writing with God

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

What are we allowed to write about and share publically? This is something that naturally has been part both of my upbringing and in my professional education to become a copywriter. Last weekend I received the devestating news from a friend about a young woman committing suicide in Honolulu. It took me into a room of fear I have dreaded but never experienced before. Could it be because of something I wrote? Or what I wrote about, making it into a possible permanent scar more visible? That is, if it is indeed the same woman that I know with that name, again beckoning my attention to be more ethical, considerate and respectful without letting go of my own integrity.

At first I got numb. Then last night, I cried, again of grief of lives lost. Of a memory of someone that I remember as a bit of a pretty prankster and gossiper, but still filled with cheer and laughter, filled with a little insecurity but also life. Each person I have met that affected me, made a mark in me, especially in Honolulu at the detention center. Some of it I hate, some of it is far from who I am and not to mention where I am, but yet so close, so close, so dear in my heart. So much compassion.  And so much real.

And who could possibly relate to my experiences here in Sweden? Nobody can. I try to write it off my chest, but also to create positive change. To me, in this world, nobody would have to have less just to allow me to also have a good life. It just shows me how awful those are who have no clue about the depth and repercussions of their actions, of the Holy Spirit bringing these words through me filtered through my emotions and hopefully empowering and inspiring others to connect and feel one. Do you think I would ever copy someone else's text about this and pretend it was mine? How low can man sink who do (or woman)?

So, what can we write about when it comes to others?

The best content always come to me through sincere conversations. It is meetings that bring me inspiration, while the Holy spirit and my own soul allow insights to blossom into words. Make no mistake, I do treasure things said in confidence, but often we have no agreements about such, am I not talked about among those who have met me, or read something from me? For intimacy and friendships to last, we must honor confidentiality, just like with for example professional conversations of coaching or briefings about making advertisements of new product launches.

Sometimes however, we step into something bigger than ourselves, we discover many with the same patterns as our own seeking to heal. To initiate change, we therefor must at times sacrifice friendships over the big picture to benefit the whole more in the long run. That is what the best writers can do - recognize the message and set our own importance aside a little. In fact, I think this is why we should be considered important.

Ah, and the beauty of being a professional copywriter and not a journalist, someone who doesn't aim to make a living out of others' misery twisting and turning wounds into drama that sells before the date of the burial is set. Here Hollywood has a point of course, making it possible to share a message with characters in disguise rather than the actual names and persons, but suddenly it becomes even more twisted, turned and interpreted into something out of line or with an angle simply completely delibitating in the opposite way of the writer's (my) intention.

I own the words that I write and anybody I write about, are welcome to have a say about it. I usually change accordingly. Thereby, the power will also be yours.

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