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Do you want to become a writer like me?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

There is never any lack of topics to write about. There are always things around you that you can describe:

There are people who you meet who say interesting things or even un-interesting things that you either can share just like it is, or make them into a character for a fiction novel where you simply fantasize freely about a plot, a story about what happens to him, her or them.

There are news to react to, movies to look at, music to listen to, books to read, videos to see, places to see, things to touch, all for you to become inspired. Inspired to feel, think and form an opinion about it, that you can write.

There are millions of examples from your own life and the lives of those around you or those you have ever met in your life, that you can use.

There are cities, towns, countries, oceans, trains, cars, airplanes, buses, bicycles, seasons, flowers, mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, lakes, trees, meadows, forests, horses, dogs, cats, any other animal, food or made up green men from Mars that you can write about.

You can write an essay about the quality of a piece of fabric, you can weave in a story about a thread that has been spun in a foreign culture filled with enchanting sounds, scents and patterns.

There are people in the store you go to buy your milk, who can give you an idea. There are all your own memories and photos, your own dreams, the dreams others tell you about. All your relatives and their life-stories and not to mention all your emotions. Write a blog post about your anger, about your insecurity, about your happiness, about your sex, about your most cruel and evil wishes, about your longing and fulfilment.

You can find anything, anywhere or anyone to write about. So do that please. Don't copy someone else's writing.

Don't know how to still? Then there are three things you can do:

1) Learn how to write professionally

2) Write like you would call a friend to tell her or him something

3) Don't write at all

So do that please. Don't copy someone else's writing! Don't take mine. If you would like me to teach you, coach you or if you want me to write something for you, you are welcome to contact me for a meeting where we will outline the content, the target group, the budget, the media, the timeframe etc or simply clarify what you need help with.

Things I have written since the 90's include: books, outlines, poems, speeches, websites, brochures, pamphlets, advertisements, flyers, letters, commercial scripts, music video scripts, book covers, childrens' story, interviews, magazines, corporate presentations, internal newsletters, social media updates, blogposts, articles, essays, fairy-tales, exam papers, surveys, recipes, cook-books, radio spots, product information sheets, catalogues, display-signs, coupons, sales promotion to suppliers, press releases, lyrics, strategies, communicative platforms, business plans, headlines, slogans, dialogues, personal presentations, reviews for movies, cafés and books, columns, captions, translations and a pornographic short story. And most I got paid for.

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