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Facing our fear head-on

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Performing on stage (dancing, singing, acting, speaking) teaches us that there is no re-takes, no starting over and nothing but the present moment. We can train, rehearse and prepare but when it comes to getting something done and moving forward in life, it is the dive into the present moment that makes us feel alive and fully participating in society. Are you going to cheer me on or force me to thread water while I wait for you to get out of my way since you're not riding the wave anyway?

Jumping into a pool, or walking in step by step, has a similar meaning if it is something that has held us back before. Remember how I've told you that I used to be afraid of having my head under water? It was something I overcame in Portugal in 2015. 

And today I did it again in Stockholm, without any fear! The key is to not hesitate and just do it of course, just like the old Nike slogan says. And in nice warm weather!

A while after, there was a swimming coach going through how to crawl with a small group of people, which was exactly what I was thinking of, since that is how my mother learned how to swim in the United States in the 1960's. The question is, why did she become afraid again when she returned to Sweden? Was it even picking up my fear after my near drowning in Copenhagen in 1975? 

I then thought of how the surfers paddle out in Hawaii, and learned that to crawl, I must engage my shoulders. That is for me to practice.

Moving forward.

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