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Blooming a business

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

What sells? What is good? What is new? 

Answering and using these questions are paramount for a copywriter. To make something or someone popular can sometimes simply happen but often success is planned, prepared and created step by step. It is a matter of decisionmaking and recognizing genuine interest with those who are supposed to buy the product and services we are about to present.  

Most often the copywriter does the research (interviews with people at the firm, chatting with possible buyers, checking out stores, trying the product, reading up on descriptions, make an inventory of knowledge) and is in charge of the writing, whereas the design and idea is created by the art director. All in collaboration and with the project manager who together with the production team takes care of budget, media planning, photographer and printing/publishing, to be finished six months ahead of launching the campaign. To make it fresh, it takes pondering, a list of examples and feedback from others to set the best headline. Sometimes it comes directly but is kept secret to see if it matches the ground work.

In this process, we let the client see our ideas for them to add or correct their facts and preferences as necessary, together with discussions about style and positioning. Is it going to be exlusively known and used by a few, or cheap and accessible to many? 

The same applies for developing your own brand or business or even landing your dream job. You start by doing a brief, ie writing down the actual assignment (what you want done), then you clarify your values and what makes you stand out alongside your desired outcome. After that, a strategy is born where the target group needs to be specified with clear and concise arguments to be communicated. (A target group is the same as the customers or type of clients you want.) You might also want to look into the competitors and see what you can offer that is better or different. Then you pair the strategy with the creative marketing solution and put it into motion!

It is the evaluation that makes it into a trade of experts. Although what you see, might simply be a fun pun or headline, but that is there for a specific purpose. 

Do you have a set of ideas or would you like to come up with something new for yourself, your business or your project? Try my coaching!

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