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Under the Wings of Freedom

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

It was when I just had started taking dance classes in the Isadora Duncan style 2014 in Stockholm, that I felt inspired to do my own choreography. Maybe it's even one of hers that I'm feeling? I wrote down the steps, motions and group formations as I have pictured it in my mind. Here is my mood-board:

I received a vision of how it can become created with posts of the five US military branches parading/standing in formation at the Statue of Liberty in New York City, while a big group of us would dance in honor of the flag and safety, with a little added meaning to a fitting march and prelude such as by Charpentier (of course!) and/or Schubert. Perhaps it could even be performed together with a great speech or two and Hula chanting and dancers, to symbolize the greeting of immigrants with a huge lei of Aloha! 

It would be for me personally to celebrate returning to the United States in regards to my own life and dreams, including selling my books, but also symbolically for the deported Isadora Duncan herself to return.

Can you see it in front of you? I hope I can make it happen!

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