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The tide and the moon

I find the best seashells (and a couple of pieces of bamboo to make my Plumeria resembling flower of to a lei!), after a high tide, when the ocean is pulling back, showcasing its newly cleaned floor, the beach. 

All my life, I've believed that the full moon is what creates a high tide, but no! Not necessarily... Here in Portugal, I've seen the moon both full and close, dark and not visible, regardless of the tide. And it got me thinking yesterday evening, while the flow of water felt perfect and my breathing was in sync for a while with the tempo of the waves after practising a little Hawaiian Hula and Qigong on the beachwalk in Estoril, facing this beautiful wonder of God, alive and in constant motion, that the tide must simply always be an effect of how the tetonic plates move, whether the earth quakes here or elsewhere. It is a constant creation with Mother Earth's own moving. 

Today the ocean is loud again. 

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