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What keeps me sane and grounded

About half the year, I get to see the sunset on front row from my living room and bedroom windows, in my current apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. It's fascinating different, depending on the weather, clouds and light. Yet, it's comforting and stabilising the same.

It was when I had returned from Hawaii in 2005, that I realised when I looked at the full moon one night, where I used to live down south Sweden, that it was the same moon, I had watched in awe, mirroring its light into the ocean there. By looking at the moon, I felt strangely reconnected with Hawaii, as well as connected on a spiritual plane with creation itself. Another moment of feeling one with nature.

Some five years later, I used this as a tool, when I was incarcerated by ICE and often stood with my face tightly tucked into the narrow window and looked outside. I saw a tree and connected with that, with a couple of birds and a butterfly, and with the ocean far in the distance. It kept me sane and grounded, amidst the drama.

And today, I paused my vacuum cleaning for a bit, to watch the sunset, reminding myself that whatever happens, wherever I am, the sun is there.

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