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A copywriter's responsibility

When I grew up, my father used to bring me with him, to various gallery openings, which he later critiqued for a couple of newspapers. Thus, art has been part of my life always. And today, I went to Fotografiska museum in Stockholm, Sweden, to see two exhibits, one by Andy Warhol and another by Andres Serrano (unknown to me). And he of course moved me more! His exhibit, entitled "Infamous", plays with stark contrast purposely to reflect racism in the United States. Very timely. And very nice.

As a copywriter, how we portray things are essential. It's our job to paint a successful and alluring image that will sell. At the same time, we must always be aware of our power, of how much we affect others and how. People do, vote, or buy things, because of us. And this came into the light again here today, especially with this Swedish ad for coffee. We must thus consciously create the very narrative to become more inclusive, which of course is a complete paradox for a copywriter, since the majority of brands want to be exclusive.

Now, that so many others play copywriters with their "influencing" online, they should too be made aware of how the psychology works. And take responsibility for it.

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