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Anchoring in love

The goal is reached by using at as a means. If your goal is to live in a loving relationship, you must begin by being loving yourself. By being caring, respectful, honest, faithful, patient and forgiving.

During all our days at work, or studying, as well as during our days at home, tending to practical matters, it becomes so easy to forget to focus on love. We focus on solving problems and we focus on dealing with whatever hardship or conflicts come our way. Add stress to the burden, whether financial, or time-scheduling, we soon become caught in the rat race. All this, then become the call for love.

How do we find love in a hectic life? Or even in a life too slow, due to remote working or looking for a job? We need to actively seek love. What I mean by that, isn't to chase after a partner or hoping for a windfall, but rather to remember, what moves you. To me, an easy way to land back into my heart, is by listening to music, such as Hawaiian, that moves me and makes my memories alive again. Remembering examples of love, enable us to reclaim that emotion for a second, to put us back onto the path of love.

Love is our anchor.

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