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Become less influenced

We all are being influenced by everything we encounter. Everything we read, watch and listen to. Every ad in the paper wants to sell us something, every teaching, and every song that we can relate to. Every purchase and every choice, because how we were brought up, and where we live. And here is the thing, most people don't remember what they just read, watched or listened to, but become influenced anyway!

The first step to lessen the influence by others in your behavior, is to become aware. Second, you have to start choosing from a place within, based on your own interests and needs, by your own perception and experience. One good way that I like practicing, is to decide what to write before I read others' posts and look at the feed, or by acknowledging what I read and share my reaction to that. Third, dare to question. Dare to question what is being said (shown, shared) and by whom and why. Is it to make money? To gain followers? To convince?

What do you feel and how can you feel better? Share that. Then it becomes a truth that never can be countered. In this lies your real power. And that is how you really can influence others in an honest way.

Copywriters are part of teams of experts, in how to influence others for sales and opinion purposes. Contact me for any writing needs you might have.

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