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Becoming the message

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

The word "embodiment" seems to have become the new buzzword in the coaching business. To me as both a copywriter and a lifecoach, it's an important tool to use. But what is it exactly?

I described it a little in my book "The Call for Divine Mothering" as an insight I made while I was mentored by a senior copywriter to learn how to write a better headline for an ad.

It's important to distinguish and define this buzzword so it doesn't create more stress than it reduces. If you are not an actor/actress or a copywriter, you don't need to learn how to embody anything!

Embodiment means to assume the sender's (business'/organization's) voice and character so that the way you communicate their message (or perform the role on stage/screen) sounds like authentically them (the role's character) instead of you.

But, can you imagine how wrong and fraudulent, the total opposite from authenticity, it becomes, would you try to sound like someone else than yourself when it is your profile it's saying on?!

To create a brand, is to give it character. We like refering the product or service to as the hero that solves the buyer's problem, or simply lets him or her become smarter, sexier, happier and more successful after buying the product. Not to mention belonging to the same group other users do, that also can identify with the brand's typical character. Some examples can be expensive and high status, or new and innovative, or healthy and eco-friendly. Which character are you?

You should embody yourself!

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