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Birthdays and friends

Every time I pass through the front door of my apartment building, I think of my old friend Agneta. She was once assaulted by a man, who followed her into the entrance a late night. Therefore, i always stand remaining, to ensure that the door closes without anyone else entering (unless a neighbor). Thank God for her!

I've also thought of many of my old Swedish girlfriends last week, since 4 of them celebrate their birthdays at the same time during the first week of April: Annica, Eva-Maria, Camilla and Eva. And today, it would have been my mother Rose-Marie's 77th birthday, would she had lived. From an astrological perspective, one must ask oneself if there is some kind of significance in this. Did I attract lots of girlfriends with similar attributes as Aries, or is that just happenstance? Was there a pattern to be healed?

My maternal grandmother Maria once forget about my mother's birthday, when she turned 12. It was an awful experience of course. Perhaps, it was because of Easter, or because she longed for her sons left in Poland during WWIi, or simply because she forgot. My mother never. Her older half-brother Jack brought her a cake the day after, but it was something that always made her feel less valued and perhaps not loved by her mother. Therefore, we've always made sure to remember and honor birthdays in my family.

And then there was Pernilla, Åsa J. and Malin. And Rebecca of course. Evy, Cina, Cia and Tone too. And Åsa B. and Beatrice. So many friendships that simply has withered, with the moves and raising a family. Mostly a trademark of women, I believe. For me, it has been about not always being the one taking initiative any longer.

What makes a friend a good friend to you, besides any memories that you share?

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