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Building the right audience

As a professional copywriter, I have learned a couple of tools for the trade, so I thought I'd share one with you. In order to be successful with your communication, answering these questions lay the framework and is called a "communication platform".

What do you want to say or sell?

Who do you want to say or sell it to?

Why should they listen or buy it from you? What should they say, feel and do?

Where do you want to say and sell this?

When would you like to say and sell this?

All good campaigns takes their beginning in these answers.

When it comes to going viral, different trends reflect news, and new things. It can simply be due to a share of controversial topics or images. Sex always sell, for example. You will get millions of followers if you show nudity, but are these followers the ones you want?

Or are you even just seeking attention online because you don't feel like you're getting any in person? Or perhaps not the kind you desire? Then this communication strategy (ie answering the questions above), can help you with that too. Remember, however, that a normal response rate is about 1%, which means you need to reach 100 persons to get 1 to buy.

When you think about who, ie the key question that will define your target group, you can learn a lot by studying the kind of people you'd like to reach first. Ask what they would like, or need, to see if you can provide it for them. Be aware however, to not simply feed your audience with what you think they want, because this will most likely make you depleted and weaker in your own mission. The best strategy, is to let your product or service be a solution. Which problem does your product or service solve?

To get clear about creating and communicating your brand, contact me for a combined copywriting and personal coaching session!

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