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Clearing space

Apart from interior design and enjoying to decorate and organize, I can also clear spaces according to Native American and Native Hawaiian traditions.

I light a bundle of Sage, and twirl it counter clock-wise throughout the room, especially in the corners, and work myself from inside towards the front door. By doing this, old stagnant energy, and even spirits, are removed.

Then the rooms need to be cleaned thoroughly, and preferably with bio-friendly agents like a white vinegar solution to make it ready to become blessed. I light a braid of Sweetgrass, and walk clock-wise with appreciation to all the things and space, letting the scent linger.

In Hawaii, live leaves from the T-leaf plant are used together with sprinkles of sea salt, to usher and bless the property. Ti-leaf leaves can also be braided into a lei and is said to bring good luck and protection, as well as are often used to make traditional Hula skirts.

Photos borrowed online.

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