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Room for growth - IKEA style

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

For those of you not living in Sweden, I thought it might be "exotic" to show you how I currently live and have decorated the apartment. All the furniture comes from IKEA, besides the chairs, and then I've added some other things to make it more personal and most of all, to color coordinate and keep it easy to clean.

In my kitchen, I keep it dark green and white. The rug became exactly what I was looking for and matches my curtain and placemats perfectly. I might also add a cage and two pet bunnies! The chairs were chosen to match the cabinet with wooden legs to white seats. Note my poster showing the Golden Gate in San Francisco placed on a wall to the East, matching the sunrise, which is good for attracting opportunities.

In my bedroom, I opted for lambskin wool on the floor instead of a carpet and a touch of pink to make it feminine. The rose is a photo I've taken in Stockholm and made a poster of.

The same with the living room. Here too, I have made posters of my photos from Hawaii, and framed on the walls. I keep it white and beige, to go with a theme of sand and seashells. A cotton throw and good reading lamp is a must of course. Next to the photo of a sunrise, I've placed my favorite poem by Karin Boye, entitled "Morning" in Swedish.

And in my windows, I have mostly plants that are tropical and can typically be found in Hawaii too, such as various Palms, Fern, Monstera, Orchides, Hibiscus and Aloe Vera, all re-potted with a special soil that has been created through year long processes down south. I've also added a small, happy elephant made of porcelain, since I used to collect elephants growing up, and a white bust for dancing, besides a vintage lamp.

I also put a vintage chair in the hallway with a new seat in linen (that was already on) and a full length mirror. And my three suitcases have the perfect nook.

And a bathtub with feet and sea-green floor-tiles, just the way I want it, with a matching shower curtain, with little drops in the same color as pattern.

Lastly, but not least. It's very common to have our lanai in Sweden with windows and roof, at least in high rise buildings. In the summertime, they become hot like a sauna and in the wintertime, almost as cold as outside. But, it's a way to get some fresh air and cozy up with some soft lightening in the evenings summertime. And, since I have direct sunlight in my kitchen midmorning, it's a great alternative where to sit with my laptop. A windchime with the soft sound of bamboo, elevates the energy.

What do you have in your home and why? What can you add to make it meaningful and beautiful, and what can you remove?

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