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Matching marble

When we decorate and design our homes, we can make decisions about shapes, forms, colors (hues and tones), material and placement. To make it work from a display point of view, it becomes so, by ensuring that we match and pick up the colors in other items, both when it comes to choosing furniture, curtains, mats, pots and cushions. All to make it look beautiful, as well as be functional within our budget. Together, this creates harmony.

When I was in Portugal, I collected lots of seashells and love walking alongside the beach, wherefore this is my overall theme now for my living room. I once, also found a piece of white marble, shaped in the form of a triangle. One of its corners has a little rugged edge, but this just shows me how natural the material is. I also watched an art exhibit in Estoril with sculptures made of marble.

And this, made me especially happy to locate this little thrift store find - a lamp made of alabaster and marble.

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