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Making an eco-friendly choice

I have been looking around to find a dark green, long, mat for my kitchen for months. Since I live on a small budget, it also can't be to expensive. Imagine how glad I was to find one for just 30 USD (300 SEK) at Rusta. But, it wasn't made of cotton and directly the day after, I started sneezing, which I assume was because it being made with an allergen in its material. Not only that, in my very sunlit kitchen, it looked blue during the whole day until nightfall. Then it looked green. It made me frustrated, so I returned it, and luckily found another one elsewhere a couple of weeks later.

This kind of mat, is like I want it, made of only cotton in the right size, so I can wash it myself, and in the exact green hue that I think look nice to match my curtain and placemats. It's a typical Swedish weaved rug that has been popular here for hundreds of years. And as if this wasn't enough, it's also made of recycled fabric from leftover, discarded clothes. So, not only did I score a better quality and color, but also an eco-friendly kind. This one, however, cost 110 USD (1100 SEK) but with free shipping at Nordic Nest. And no more sneezing!

So, what do we pay and for what? How do you reason, when you make choices for your health and your home?

You can see more how I have it at home here.

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