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Creating harmony in our home

How do you look at where you live? Is your home a place where you mostly relax and wind down, or is for entertaining guests? Do you want it to inspire you towards more creativity? Consciously choosing how we live, enables us a more rooted stability in all our endeavours.

To me, I like my home to feel like an extension of myself, that my furniture and fabrics are like an extension of my clothes and daily style. This goes both for colors, and the way I place my things. To my assistance, I sometimes use the guidelines for Feng Shui, which is the Chinese way of interior design as a foundation for a more successful life. By placing certain objects in areas corresponding to our wishes in various areas of life according to the compass, called Ba Gua (that the logo for Telluselle Living Center is inspired by), it’s said our focus therethrough, easier can attract what we would like to have. It’s a matter of placing the furniture so that we feel safe, secure and enjoy a good flow of energy. To invite it in.

And this doesn’t need to cost a lot! I found this cute candle holder depicting Yin and Yang in beige and brown marble, that are part of my favorite colors, in a local thrift store for 50 cents! And the tealights are made of wax from rapeseed oil which is eco-friendly. What little things can you bring into your home to create more harmony? And what can you remove?

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