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Dear Birch,

While some people drink your sap, others turn away, if the winds blow your seeds with pollen towards them. Since all medicine has its origin in nature, one must be able to wonder how the same can be both poison and medicine at the same time?

From early on, it's a matter of dilution. Most natural remedies are more concentrated in their oils and substances, used to cure and alleviate, than our white pills. We simply can't handle natural medicines as much as we think, while it also became a lot less expensive to manufacture chemically based, designed to mimic the actual natural ingredients.

How does one though know what to take and how much? It's all about trial and error and individually perceived. What works for your body might not work for mine, and vice versa. Just like coaching isn't going to guide you to a "right or wrong" answer. Only you know what you need.

Birch is an eco-friendly wood, with a light color, but nonetheless something I'm allergic to. Perhaps, it's part of my genes, stemming not only from my mother's severe allergies, but from where we originally lived. Should we then not return to live in our natural habitat, our best latitude, for our health? Just like we can't force certain plants to grow certain places, we shouldn't force humans.

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